Set of Colour Plain Code Twill Fabric (50 Meters)

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Rs. 7,358
Rs. 5,450
Minimum Quantity
Price Per Meter
Width - 58 Inches

*Material - Twill

*Thread Count - 40*40

**Minimum Order quantity 50 Meters, Orders below 50 Meters will be canceled

Cotton Twill is a fabric that is woven with a twill pattern of characteristically diagonal parallel rib texture. Twill cotton fabric is water resistant, wrinkle free and durable. Denim is an excellent example of a cotton twill fabric. Cotton twill fabrics make good upholstery products. Because of the texture of cotton twill, it drapes well and has a good fall. Cotton twill fabric, already has a very beautiful texture and surface feel; thus, printed twill is not very common. These cotton twill fabrics are used in clothing, to make accessories and for home decor.
*Fabric once cut for orders is not covered under our standard return policy

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